The birth of excellence

The story of ARTEN begins with the brothers Alessandro and Enrico Mora  who, in 1950, realized in its own foundry of Gavardo (BS) the first cast-iron manwaydoors and manhole covers for concrete tanks. The product has considerable success and becomes the strength of the foundry.

The post-war economic growth leads to a rapid development of demand for manwaydoors and manhole covers  for the wine industry, for food production and other sectors. The availability of new materials and new manufacturing techniques allow to develop the manwaydoors and manholes with frames and accessories in cast iron, and the covers printed in stainless steel.

In the 80s, the cast iron definitely gave the way to stainless steel: that was how Arten began his renowed expertise.

In 1974 Alessandro and Enrico Mora founded ARTEN, based in Prevalle, specialized in manufacturing of MANWAYDOORS and MANHOLE COVERS

Since the Eighties manwaydoors and manhole covers are made entirely in stainless steel. In 2000 the company was expanded with the construction of the current production facility.

Today ARTEN, led by a new generation of entrepreneurs of the Mora family, continues its growth path, in Italy and in foreign markets.

From the past to the present age.

  • Alessandro Mora
    Alessandro Mora
  • Enrico Mora
    Enrico Mora
  • Aristide Mora
    Aristide Mora
  • Fabrizio Mora
    Fabrizio Mora
  • Giovanna Mora
    Giovanna Mora

The evolution of the brand